At Otaku Pin Club, we have been receiving an incredible amount of support and interest from people all around the world. This means our growing team is looking for new friends!


1. Influencers

· Leverage your social media presence to share our pins to the world

· Jointly promote each others' brands for maximum exposure

· Collaborate together to create unique content and custom pins!


2. Brand Ambassadors

· Represent OPC in your local community by attending conferences, joining clubs, and sharing our pins with fellow anime fans.

· Wear our flair, everywhere!

· Organize local events, such as an anime marathon (all episodes of Full Metal Alchemist in one sitting?!), to engage with the community and share our passion for anime with others.


3. Research Specialists

· Basically watch anime all day. Can't beat that.

· Discuss, analyze, and evaluate new anime series

· Brainstorm ideas for our next series of pins!


All positions are unpaid. However, we provide free pins and cool gear to all our teammates, and we also provide entrepreneurial opportunities through our joint cooperative programs. Our only requirements for these positions are that applicants must possess a passion for anime, respect for others, and an optimistic spirit. The Otaku Pin Club is committed to those values and for supporting our teammates like family.

If you are interested, please send your resume to for further consideration.