Q: What is Otaku Pin Club?

A: Otaku Pin Club (OPC) is a community of collectors, artists, and fans of anime! We are home to a growing collection of high quality enamel pins that celebrate the best of anime. Most importantly, OPC is a home where passion belongs. We are committed to ensuring you feel welcomed, comfortable, and appreciated within our family!


Q: Why do you have a membership program?

A: We believe in the importance of having a tight-knit community who shares common interests and values. Also, a membership program actually helps bring costs down! The reason why we can offer unbeatable prices and discounts is because of our collective membership program (think Costco or Sam's Club). When a new member joins our network, they chip in to a larger pool of funds that help us provide them with the best quality pins at the lowest prices. Because of this, members are able to support one another and sponsor the additional benefits that a membership provides. Not only do you belong to a premium club, but you also get rewarded for it!


Q: That was long paragraph. So membership isn't favoritism?

A: Nope! We provide the same level of courtesy and customer service to each of our supporters. The truth is, we consider every single one of our supporters as a member of our club. Everyone is appreciated and treated with respect - because that's what OPC is all about. Although access to our most popular pins is freely available, the option of officially enrolling in our membership program will unlock additional benefits that can elevate the entire experience.


Q: Why do you have levels of membership?

A: Because we think that's more fun! It's like an RPG game where hard work, effort, and investment is rewarded by leveling up and growing stronger. All the best anime have a story where the characters become progressively powerful or where the characters develop into better versions of themselves. That's why we think collecting pins, especially anime pins, should be fun too! We automatically upgrade your membership and offer deeper discounts, free items, and free shipping whenever you collect more pins. The more you collect, the stronger you become!


Q: What happens if I join the membership after buying some pins? Do they count towards my membership points?

A: Absolutely! All your previous purchases are included whenever you become a member. For example, if you purchased 20 pins prior to enrolling in our membership program, you will automatically be upgraded to a Gold Member after you enroll.


Q: Do membership benefits stack? How do memberships continue?

A: Yes, all benefits are cumulative. At the end of your yearly membership, your accumulated complimentary credits, bonus items, and benefits will be bundled together and sent to you. Memberships refresh on a yearly basis and, after benefits have been disbursed, memberships will return to bronze level.


Q: Do you provide bulk orders?

A: Yes, please contact our customer support email to arrange how we can serve your needs in a convenient, affordable, and timely manner.


Q: When do you release new pins? Can I suggest new pins that I want to see?

A: We do our best to create a balance between consistent updates and relevant designs. Since each one of our pins require meticulous attention to detail by our artists, proper sourcing and flawless production by our manufacturing partners, and high relevancy to the anime community, we purposely take our time in creating perfect pins for our supporters. This can take anywhere from weeks to months. If you're impatient for new pins (and we completely understand), please let us know your suggestions on our Instagram page [@otakupinclub]!


Q: Where is OPC based out of / located?

A: Our team is widespread across the United States, but most of us currently work in Los Angeles, California.


Q: What's your shipping and return policy?

A: To encourage the growth of your pin collection, we offer free shipping for orders over $25. We think the extra money you save can be put to better use - like collecting another pin! If, for any reason, you are dissatisfied with you pin, please contact us at info@otakupinclub.com to receive a refund and a handwritten apology for any inconvenience we may have caused you.


Q: Thanks! What if I have more questions?

A: Please contact us at info@otakupinclub.com. We would love to connect with you and see how our team members can help you :)