Otaku Pin Club Raffle - Ochako x D.VA

The raffles have been tallied... and here is the winner of the OPC Ochako x D.VA Raffle!

Grand Prize Winner

Ryan Gilmore

Thank you everyone for entering!

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RAFFLE PERIOD: AUGUST 25, 4PM Pacific Time - SEPTEMBER 30, 4PM Pacific Time

Hello Onis, fellow Otakus, and Overwatch Fans! 

We're bringing you our newest pin, Ochako x D.VA! 

Click here to get her!

With this pin, we're going to be giving away an EXCLUSIVE D.VA Funko Pop autographed by the one and only D.VA Voice Actress, Charlet Chung! 



There are multiple ways to enter. To have a chance to be selected at random to win our D.VA Funko Pop with D.VA's Autograph, you may do any of the following:

            · Purchase Ochako x D.VA Pin - 5 entries

            · ANY PIN YOU ORDER WITH YOUR D.VA PIN - 2 entries per pin

Example purchases and points earned

· If you purchase the Ochako D.VA Pin and Rem Pin, you get 5+2 = 7 entries!

· If you purchase the Ochako D.VA Pin, Hinata & Kageyama Pinchibi Set, and Death Note Pin you get 5 + 2 + 2 + 2 = 11 entries!